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In-depth brand analysis gives us key insights in mapping out the appropriate action plans to optimize your brands campaign reach. Brand Ambassadors designs and organizes training initiatives geared towards developing individuals achieve their full potential.

Elevate : Discovering the new shades of you
From solid first impressions, improving self-confidence, to changing personal styles and perceptions, this crash course into self-improvement promises to be an exciting experience into unlocking your true potential!

You 2.0
Your best version starts here

Take yourself a couple of notches higher and become your best version! Packed with fresh perspectives, tricks, and savvy ways to redefine your personal style and confidence. This is where you take control and make the best of every opportunity!

Motivation Nation
Appearances do matter. In this highly visual world we live in, putting your best face forward conveys the right kind of signal, whether youre meeting a friend or a client. Take inspiration from the countrys leading motivational speakers and learn how best to channel and achieve positivity. The right kind of attitude inspires the right kind of outlook.

The School of Style
Get schooled by the style professionals! Understand the basics of style preference, face shape, and body proportions and lay a solid foundation into defining your personal style. Find the right cut, clothes, and fit that jives with your lifestyle and look your best every time. Style class is in session!

Corporate Team Building
What's the best way to motivate your staff, improve their group dynamics, and have fun while at it? Give them a well-deserved pampering! Our specially designed workshop is a royal treatment of a makeover, 1-on-1 styling tutorials, and capped off with an exclusive style photo-shoot. It's a day of looking great and feeling empowered!